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It's Time to Drop the "M" in CRM

Social customer relationship management is the evolution of CRM and Todd Clayton over at chatterboxhq had an interesting article which I had to respond to on Why Social CRM Is not the Answer for Social Media it’s a great read (go on read it, I’ll still be here when you get back). OK great, so […]

Web Design It's Not Just For PCs Anymore

I have been working in the web design/development community since 1998 and it seems like every time the web takes a step forward it means two steps back for developers. A lot of the same issues that plagued developers when dial-up was still predominant are issues still today. Not because people are on dial-up, but […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-26

Feels like nothing got done this weekend # way more than 84 Amazingly Useful CSS Tips & Resources | # RT @demodadesign Twitter is dumb and it’s making me feel stupid(er). – best line ever # Is it just me or is time actually going backwards today? # @demodadesign creep on creeping on in […]

Editors Going Extinct or a New Breed?

Having recently taken up blogging I have discovered one major issue. There’s no editor. Nobody to really ask you is this what you really mean to say? It’s a simple click publish and there it is your article up and out there live for everyone to see. I know at some point I’m going to […]

Why the Kindle Should be Free (or Some Other e-Reader)

When Amazon launched the Kindle they missed a great opportunity. It’s not like they need it, but they should have made the Kindle FREE. The e-book reader market is still a developing market, but we’ve seen that whoever is king early on is often hard to knock down once they are on top. Amazon could […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-19

Knees out from running gonna only try for 4 miles tommorow # Is it One more nail in traditional prints coffin with the FLEPia # I’ve witnessed the right tweet at the right time is like a butterflies wings flapping # it’s a good day to do some yard work! # @dleroux why is it […]

What Number is the Most Important? – Web Metrics (Part 2)

Last article we started to look at metrics and what metrics to report to your business or to help decide if your business is succeeding online. This go around I’ll be looking at metrics for your web team. There are some things you will want to measure to help you maintain your site health. These […]

What Number is the Most Important? – Web Metrics (Part 1)

One reason the internet has become one of the most vital tools for marketers is that it allows them track to a level they were never capable of before. One of the problems I’ve had with this is that now we are almost inundated with data. More data at times than we could ever process, […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-12

Sick with a cold does not help traing for a ten km run. # Why can’t I get the kindle in Canada? Come on amazon!! # @dleroux exactly how I’m feeling and thinking today in reply to dleroux # Somehow I am not feeling any better drop the lady friend at the airport then watch […]

Content as Navigation Steering the Course

Picking up on the last posting, what exactly is content as navigation? To me it’s something we’re already seeing on sites like Amazon, but as more services open up that offer content streams and feeds, we need to start to think of ways to use this content. It’s not enough to simply get an RSS […]