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Why Organic Search Has a Better ROI

I’ve recently been hearing that organic search (SEO)  has a lower ROI than paid search (SEM).  I have a very hard time believing this.  I can see SEM having a better conversion rate than SEO, but not a better ROI.  Free organic search will ALWAYS have a better ROI than anything you pay for.  The […]

How Much Does it Cost to be a Freelance Web Designer?

I wanted to touch very quickly on something maybe a lot of people don’t know how to calculate when they say they want to be free lance web designers with the idea to make it a full time job.  It’s a difficult thing to do, and it can get surprisingly costly very quickly.  this is […]

Why In House Design Makes Sense For Large Companies.

Having talked to people of large corporate companies and knowing people who work at large corporate companies, what has amazed me constantly is how many companies outsource a good portion of their work to smaller web design shops. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to outsource some of your site, but when you outsource the […]

Face of the Company

As companies move into the social realm, into blogs, into giving voices of the individual of the company there runs an interesting issue that will have to be dealt with by companies at some point who are giving voices to the many. The issue is investing in individuals to speak on behalf of the company […]

Why SCRM is More Powerful With CRM

SCRM stands for Social Customer Relationship Management it’s the burgeoning name for how corporations plan to track and manage customer relationships through social tools (think FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn). I recently wrote about my own reasoning on why SCRM shouldn’t be called SCRM and that corporations can’t “manage” customers or expect to manage customers in […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-03

was there ballot stuffing on 100 most influential person? I would think so. link is # Most of these sites are pretty common these days, but interesting reading anyways: 35 Non-Google SEO How to # I know #SES is coming up so to the SEO experts I would love to hear greatest […]

It's Time to Drop the "M" in CRM

Social customer relationship management is the evolution of CRM and Todd Clayton over at chatterboxhq had an interesting article which I had to respond to on Why Social CRM Is not the Answer for Social Media it’s a great read (go on read it, I’ll still be here when you get back). OK great, so […]

Web Design It's Not Just For PCs Anymore

I have been working in the web design/development community since 1998 and it seems like every time the web takes a step forward it means two steps back for developers. A lot of the same issues that plagued developers when dial-up was still predominant are issues still today. Not because people are on dial-up, but […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-26

Feels like nothing got done this weekend # way more than 84 Amazingly Useful CSS Tips & Resources | # RT @demodadesign Twitter is dumb and it’s making me feel stupid(er). – best line ever # Is it just me or is time actually going backwards today? # @demodadesign creep on creeping on in […]

Editors Going Extinct or a New Breed?

Having recently taken up blogging I have discovered one major issue. There’s no editor. Nobody to really ask you is this what you really mean to say? It’s a simple click publish and there it is your article up and out there live for everyone to see. I know at some point I’m going to […]