Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-03

  • was there ballot stuffing on 100 most influential person? I would think so. link is #
  • Most of these sites are pretty common these days, but interesting reading anyways: 35 Non-Google SEO How to #
  • I know #SES is coming up so to the SEO experts I would love to hear greatest failure stories. What did you learn from your mistakes? #
  • In the mean time off to re-read Web Design for ROI by @loveday great book, and great guy. Knows his stuff. #
  • RT @stoweboyd: Newspaper circulation falls 7%, online news grows 10%+ yet people still think print is not dieing out #
  • @jowyang is the white house Flickr account more transparent? or just a new way of staying in the public eye? Who’s deciding what is posted? #
  • Looks like this mornings big topic is the White House Flickr account #
  • @lindsay247 I was hoping to own a GTO Judge one day meanest car ever. #
  • @jowyang I think by law any publicly traded company has to have some level of transparency, they’re just got at obfuscation. #
  • @littlemcgarrity for you start out on the site: and check out people who seem interesting, like celebrities and stuff. in reply to littlemcgarrity #
  • Why is talking to an old school marketer so frustrating? #
  • did Twitalyzer just tell me I have to tweet more? #
  • @Twitalyzer I like to think of it as “if the pen is mightier than the sword then Twitalizer is telling me what needs to be sharpened.” in reply to Twitalyzer #
  • @Twitalyzer go for it! in reply to Twitalyzer #
  • @Twitalyzer great that’s known as my angry picture… :[ in reply to Twitalyzer #
  • Twitter is game theory at work. Are you an auto follower for life or a follow and leave em type just to be popular? #
  • Is influence on twitter greater if you have lots of followers who follow lots of people? or lots of followers who follow few people? #
  • For each individual it’s all about the “noise” they are open to. #
  • for #SCRM to really be social the CRM databases need to be in the control of the consumer in one easy to use spot #
  • They gave me sashimi and not sushi grrrr #
  • @JeffKnize a b and c are never done it’s just a question of do you feel good about where it is at. How does one determine that? in reply to JeffKnize #
  • Why is every thing the next “killer app”? I never hear about a killer soft drink. Techies are a fikel dramatic bunch. #
  • @NETTUTS not if it keeps the code on the client side clean and compressed. But really depends on what you are doing. in reply to NETTUTS #
  • @atul01 guy who runs it is in toronto in reply to atul01 #
  • @atul01 when did you get old? What happened to party archie? in reply to atul01 #
  • @atul01 should be at west 50 this Saturday with the crazy girls although with less crazy now. in reply to atul01 #
  • Wow when did it get so late at night? #
  • And when did people think it was a good idea for fireworks at 3am? #
  • The $300 Million Button Little tweaks on a website can go a long, way I’ve seen what a change like this can do. #
  • and with that I’m out for the night! #
  • @atul01 yes that is the plan well be there around nine thirty in reply to atul01 #
  • I wonder how the pitch for the star trek about whales was ever seriosly considered let alone made. #
  • @sogrady run keeper is great if you have an iPhone to track distance and pace in reply to sogrady #
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