Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-26

  • Feels like nothing got done this weekend #
  • way more than 84 Amazingly Useful CSS Tips & Resources | #
  • RT @demodadesign Twitter is dumb and it’s making me feel stupid(er). – best line ever #
  • Is it just me or is time actually going backwards today? #
  • @demodadesign creep on creeping on in reply to demodadesign #
  • The kids finaly down for the count. Why is screaming in the house not that bad but on the phone crazy loud! #
  • Need to write about why web design is not just for monitors any more. #
  • If twitter is described as an OS what defines an OS? #
  • Choose Your Own Adventure it was like having the internet but in book format #
  • @ThatKevinSmith is on the radio surprisingly he hasn’t been censored yet. #
  • RT @uxmag: Google launches the long awaited Google Analytics API, read more on their blog #
  • No traffic this AM and my issue of wired is here full of JJ Abrams goodness #
  • Awsomeness RT @darthvader: Just be glad I don’t celebrate Earth Day the way I celebrated Alderaan Day. #
  • Just enough time to run 4 miles and grab some food back to the grindstone on #
  • I need a hands free way to twitter while stuck in traffic. Time to go sit in said traffic #
  • argh stupid wordpress, and twitter are not playing well together… need to make note to fix this… tomorrow when I’m not tired. #
  • thought about following @TheMime but I just don’t think he has much to say… yeah I’m tired. #
  • Time to get caught up on all the pvr goodness at least for an hour #
  • I’m not liking the network dropped connections all day… #
  • Looks like I’ll be going to #ses Toronto tickets ordered this week. 3rd year going. Should be good. #
  • Listening to doctors talk in real life is nothing like on TV. But just as interesting #
  • RT @mashable: WSJ has an interesting graphic tracking decline of newspapers: #
  • It’s a great day to run #
  • @demodadesign twitter hater to twitter lover in a week I see. You need to come up for #ses in reply to demodadesign #
  • @demodadesign plus dog of the month, and you forget we had SARS course now you’re a rock star with all the rich & famous in reply to demodadesign #
  • @demodadesign I think it’s more like the mob just when you think you are out they pull you back in in reply to demodadesign #
  • I think it’s important to know the difference between a web designer and a web architect #
  • seeing your followers rise and fall here could give one a complex if they saw a massive drop. #
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