Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-12

  • Sick with a cold does not help traing for a ten km run. #
  • Why can’t I get the kindle in Canada? Come on amazon!! #
  • @dleroux exactly how I’m feeling and thinking today in reply to dleroux #
  • Somehow I am not feeling any better drop the lady friend at the airport then watch chuck on tv #
  • Getting close to having the blog work nicely on the iphone #
  • Did I just read that right in wired? Pride and predjudice and zombies???sleep I need you now #
  • Some how I think word press plugins are going to make me lazy installed the wptouch plugin and it is pretty slick #
  • Getting the house ready for the new room mate is lots of work #
  • It’s offical I live in a sitcom where it’s one guy and four women in a house at least I don’t have to share a bathroom #
  • Designing for the iPhone has made me seriously consider minimalist navigation for rfeular sites. Good thing? I think so. #
  • Got roped into working and now I’m done #
  • Makin some Easter eggs to many rules on how to make them #
  • Wondering if its better to promote one article or focus on several #
  • Getting ready to go home and do some shopping. Then
    Maybe write an article on web metrics #
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