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Welcome to the first post at Gab Monkey, this first post will be a short one, I wanted to use this as an opportunity to open up this blog to discussion, over time I hope to cover off many different topics, and engage in discussion with the audience. You’ll find outside of this blog, a list of books I have (and I hope to add reviews to some of those books) and eventually I’ll be adding a section on movies and DVDs, so while yes this will be primarily targeted at web design I’ll probably bounce over into pop-culture and other topics that I think are interesting to discuss. If anyone has topics they’d like me to cover they can send them my way through the contact form: http://gabmonkey.com/blog/contact/ if you want to learn more about me you can find that on the about page at: http://gabmonkey.com/blog/about/ . The site is still a work in progress and there are still a lot of things I want to change or improve, but like all good websites that’s just a natural state of the medium.
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